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Funeral Service Attendant

A meaningful opportunity you will love.

Muneerah N. Warner Funeral Services is hiring Funeral Service Attendants. Funeral Service Attendants work services at the funeral home, at churches, mosques, etc. and travel to the cemetery for burial services.

Job Description & Qualifications:

* Funeral Service Attendants carry equipment & help transport casketed deceased to place of service.

* Funeral Service Attendants set up equipment, flowers, photos & casket inside church, mosque, etc.

* Funeral Service Attendants also cater to the needs of the family and others attending the services.

* Funeral Service Attendants ensure services at the funeral & cemetery run smoothly.

* This is part-time/on-call work.


* Must possess a high level of integrity.

* Must be able to work well with co-workers & grieving families.

* Must be kind, compassionate & caring.

* Must be polished & professional with a professional appearance.

* Must be over 18 years old.

* Must be a mentally & emotionally strong person. We handle funeral services for children, teenagers, adults & seniors.

* Must have drivers license & reliable transportation to & from venue & cemetery.

* May be asked to submit references.

* Must be a self starter, creative & energetic.

* Desire to work independently & part of a team.

Physical Requirements:

* Majority of the day involves constant movement & standing.

* Must be able to lift at least 50lbs.

Dress Code:

* Women must have black suit or dress, black or white shirt, black or off black nylons, black shoes & dark colored dress coat.

* Men must have black suit, black or white shirt, dark tie, black socks, black shoes & dress coat.

We Offer:

* Flexible Hours.

* Career Advancement Opportunities.

* $75 to $125 per day


1 - Application

2. Background Check Form

3. Tax Form

4. Please submit: Copy of State ID or Driver's License


Submit all 4 items to MNWFunerals@gmail.com 

Thank you!