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Community Initiative

"Together We Can Make a Difference"

One of a kind, Muneerah N. Warner Funeral Services is partnering with up to 40 businesses in Philadelphia, Southern New Jersey & Delaware to form a community partnership. This initiative is designed to offer services & memorial keepsakes to small businesses & their customers. The purpose of this initiative is to provide families who recently lost a loved one with everything they need before & after a funeral service.

With a proven track record families take Muneerah N. Warner Funeral Services seriously. When families call us in their time of need we quickly realized they need an array of other products & services that your business can provide. By partnering with us your business has the opportunity to help the community during the time they need it most.

This opportunity is available for Insurance Companies, Transportation Companies, Banks, Restaurants, Employment firms, Law Firms, Clothing Stores, Hair Salons, Realtors, Car Dealerships, Nursing Homes, Religious Centers & other small businesses. 

No one serves families like us! 

How it works:

1. Request a partnership from MNW Business to Business Community Initiative today by emailing us at

2. Email us your business contact information which includes logo/photo & website. (If accepted - You may also mail up to 50 business cards or brochures to the funeral home)

3. Once accepted into the program we will provide you a welcome letter, our contact info, logo & website. We will also provide you with business cards and/or brochures.


1. When you partner with us we lock in prices for you are your immediate family members & your employees. We also provide up to 3 different memorial keepsakes for you, your family & employees. These benefits are also available to your employees immediate family members once funeral services are rendered. 

2. When you refer families to us we lock in prices for their family members and provide up to 3 different memorial keepsakes for the family during the time of death & in the future. 

3. Your company will be represented at our funeral industry events (please mail business cards). 

4. Your business information will be on our site & your information will be given in to families we service both before and after funeral or memorial services.

*There are no fees to participate. 

*You must sign-up to participate.

*Learn more about our media appearances, resources & businesses Here!

*Download Our Brochure Here.

"Together We Can Make A Difference"